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13. dugonics tér, szeged, Hungary H-6720
+36 62/54-68-95

About Us

The aims of our Office

The aims of our Office are to help the University of Szeged in conducting its studies quickly and precisely and to increase the number of on-going studies at the university by the work of our coordination and management teams. We believe that the work of our coordination team is beneficial for every participant of a study, since by reducing the burdens of the investigators and nurses, each participant is given the opportunity to take part in more studies.

Our critical objectives are the followings: fulfilling the needs of Sponsors, continuously raising their satisfaction, helping the recovery of the patients, strengthening their trust, increasing the social acceptance of clinical trials, supporting the financial and moral recognition of medical workers and also constantly improving the clinical trial participants’ professional knowledge.

Within the most prominent clients of our Office are such huge medical companies as the Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc., Galderma, Durata Therapeutics Inc., Quintiles Parexel Ltd., Amgen Ltd.

Main activities

Site coordination

Coordinators take over the duties from investigators and sub-investigators (the study team members). They keep in touch with Sponsors, organize studies and are in charge of the administrative tasks of studies. As a result of their work, investigators can enroll more patients in the study without extra workload.

Due to the supporting work of the coordination team not only does the number of enrolled patients increase, but the work processes can also become more precise and error occurrence can decrease. All of these help to strengthen the good reputation of the university and to enhance its popularity among sponsors in Hungary and internationally, as well. Nothing can prove our success more than that since the Office started operating, more CRO partners has contacted us than ever before, and the recent number of annual studies is twenty times as high as that was 10 years earlier.  

As an innovation of the coordination model, two permanent study coordinators are delegated into each study to execute administrative duties with the professional supervision and control of the Office.

Central Management

The main activities of the central management are primarily connected to the preparation, conduction and closing procedures of a study in order to help its smooth and fast execution. These activities are mainly the followings:

  • organizing and holding postgraduate courses for coordinators,
  • maintaining the professional expertise of the study team members,
  • development, implementation and maintainance of the inner quality assurance system,
  • full management and registration of institutional contracts,
  • initiation of permission processes towards the local ethics committee,
  • keeping in touch with external or outsourced participants,
  • getting and keeping in touch with the regional and institutional human medical biological research ethics committees,
  • keeping in touch with the contact persons, CROs or CRAs,
  • coordination role towards the Medical Academic Council.

Other activities

Beyond site coordination and full management services, the Office takes part in such national activities and programmes that facilitate the effectiveness of the Hungarian clinical trials. We believe that these activities can contribute to increase the prestige of the University of Szeged, and also to promote the clinical research work countrywide.