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clinical research coordination office

13. dugonics tér, szeged, Hungary H-6720
+36 62/54-68-95


Beyond our management and coordination services, our Office takes part in several projects, most of which are EU financed grants.

Our present projects are the followings:
1. University of Pécs – University of Debrecen – University of Szeged: „Development and internationalization of a thematic network for clinical research”
Our tasks:
–    Translating 9 investigator-initiated projects from preclinical to phase II-III clinical trials.
–    Preparation, management and coordination of these clinical trials.
–    Organization development of CTUs and harmonization of processes.
–    Development of education and training programs (for study team members).
–    Development of clinical data management, analysis and sharing.

2. PC TRADE Ltd. – Adware Research Ltd. – MDE Ltd. – University of Szeged: „Development of an electronic source documentation system”
Our tasks:
–    Determination of the parametrically defined structures of clinical trial protocols.  
–    Taking part in the definition of specifications for the data collecting platform.
–    Validation of the developed device in a pilot clinical trial.

3. SOLVO Biotechnology Ltd. – University of Szeged: „Research on stem cell-based hepatocytes for drug development purposes”
Our tasks:
–    Establishment of a regenerative medicine and cellular pharmacology laboratory.
–    QC for GMP, stem cell and 3D preclinical research, ADME, screening service for the industry.
–    GMP stem cell and 3D bioprinting lab linked with its own ATMP Phase I Unit.

4. Richter Gedeon Plc. – Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Biological Research Centre, Szeged – University of Szeged: „Innovative pharmaceutical research and development projects to increase competitiveness in the market”
Our tasks:
–    Development of three herbal gynecological products.
–    Complete preparation and implementation of clinical trials with these three products.

5. TIGRA Ltd. – Di-Care cPlc. – University of Óbuda – University of Szeged: „Establishment and validation of the framework for telemedicine-based health services”
Our tasks:
–    Preparation and conduction of clinical trials of at least six medical devices.
–    Evolving a national model (legal, financial and ethical model) for telemedicine services.  

Lidia MIGLINCI – operative manager
Phone: +36 62/54-68-43